Operating Systems Requirements: 
= DOS             
= Windows 95
= Windows 3.x
= Macintosh
= CD-ROM Drive

A complete Hebrew touch-typing program for Hebrew and English. Includes 20 lessons, plus a typing game.  

Requires PC with VGA monitor.   

# DI989, Arnevet, $35.95 (Cat. $39.95)  

Bar Mitzvah Tutor   

CD quality sound. Stunning interface... grabs your attention and really coaches and teaches the Bar or Bat Mitzvah Student.. Everything one needs to know about reading the portion is included: Haftorah, Maftir and Brakhot included. Two special sections for learning the cantillation notes.   

Requires PC with CD-ROM drive.  

# TBMT, Bar Mitzvah Tutor, $44.10 (Cat. $49.00) 

Gemara Tutor   

Suitable for all levels of Talmud study... develops serious Gemara skills... dramatically increases comprehension through fun learning... teaches 350 "keywords," phrases & Talmudic concepts... play against the computer, or play doubles (with Chavrusa)... keeps track of progress... will grade, correct, and review mistakes... includes audio and sound effects...   

Requires PC with CD-ROM drive.     

 # TGT, Gemara Tutor, $26.10 (Cat. $29.00) 

Keyboard Melamed   

Become familiar with the Hebrew letters... learn Hebrew typing quickly... excellent color screen graphics... step by step tutorial... extra large screen fonts make learning easy... includes Nikud (Vowel) lessons... built-in games that grade progress... build up to professional speed as you have fun... includes mini Word Processor.   


# TKM, Keyboard Melamed, $26.10 (Cat. $29.00) 

Master Daf    

An interactive multimedia tool for Talmud study. Narrates and Explains WORD by WORD in concise English. Increases Talmud comprehension… develops serious learning skills… builds student confidence..   

  • Text Viewer: Traditional Tzuras Hadaf 
  • Text Database: Talmud, Rashi & Tosefos 
  • Operation: search engine, copy and paste, fonts and sizes, exportable, built-in word processor.
  • Torah Ohr: Full Tanakh Hyperlinked to the Daf; English Translation of the Tanakh; Rashi's Hebrew commentary on Tanakh. 
  • Ein Mishpat: Full Rambam and Shulchan Arukh Hyperlinked to the Daf. 
  • Mesoras Hashas: Full Talmud Hyperlinked to the Daf. 
  • Navigation Tools: Next Daf. Go to Daf or Perek. Previous Daf. Search all texts. 
  • Multimedia Tools:  Built-in Sound Recorder. Built-in Graphic Viewer. 
  • Viewing Tools: Tzuras Hadaf ZOOM… Page Mover. Audio Narration Selector. 
  • Narration Tools: Rewind. Play. Stop / Pause / Start. Forward. 
  • Help: Online help keeps you productive. 
  • Volume Control: Narration Sound Level 
  • Print Control: Page Layout. Everything prints. 
  • Internet Connectivity: Send email. Download Graphics & Hyperlink. 
  • Daf Editing Controls: Hilite & Color. Copy & Paste. 
  • Calendar: Daily Daf Look-Up. 
Click on Images to View Enlarged Screens.
Sample Screen
# TMD1, Master Daf: Brakhot, $35.10 (Cat. $39.00) 
# TMD2, Master Daf: Shabbat, $35.10 (Cat. $39.00) 
Navigating the Bible 

An Interactive Bar/Bat Mitzvah CD-Rom Developed by .  

An astonishing Judaic software product. Every word of the Chumash, every Haftarah reading - complete with audio accompaniment, on just ONE CD-ROM!   

Navigating the Bible is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to learn how to read the Torah and Haftarot, from the budding Bar/Bat Mitzvah student to the interested adult who wants to broaden his horizens. It is a must for synagogues, Hebrew schools - wherever Torah reading is taught and studied.   
Listen to a verse sung, and press a button to hear it repeated as many times as necessary. You can view the text of the Torah reading with vowel points, or remove them at a click of a button, to see the words as they appear in an actual Torah scroll.   


  • Transliteration of the Hebrew text is highlighted as it is sung 
  • Blessings before and after the reading of the Torah and Haftarah 
  • Cantillation (trop) tutorial with musical score 
  • Auto-play option for continuous singing
  • Complete English translation of 'The Living Torah', edited by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan, including footnotes and pictures
  • Automatic Calender finds Bar/Bat Mitzvah date or any weekly reading from the year 1900 to 2050 
  • Glossary of people, places, plants, and animals in the Torah 
  • Divrei Torah/English summaries for each Torah reading 
  • Powerful search capability to find any words in the English text
  • Comprehensive on-line help
Click on image to view enlarged sample screen.
Requires PC 486-66 mhz or faster, 8MB Ram, 30MB Hard Disk Space,2x CD-Rom Drive or faster, Win95, sound card, Pentium recommended.    

 # DIW557, Navigating the Bible, $89.10 (Cat. $99.00) 

Ready for Rashi  

Learn Rashi Script in Four Easy Lessons! Developed by an educator who has had years of experience in teaching this skill, this program combines color, sound, and review exercises to teach Rashi Script.   

Bonus: Ready for Rashi also includes biographical information on the life of Rashi.   

Requires PC with Windows 3.1 or higher, 8 MB RAM, sound card, 23 MB hard disk space, and color monitor.    
# DIW180, Ready for Rashi, $26.95 (Cat. $29.95) 

Talmud Master  

Talmud Master was designed to train and guide a student through the tapestry of the Talmud. With Talmud Master a student can travel at his own pace through sections of the Talmud, learn its sign posts, appreciate its balance and harmony, and pick up the finer points of Talmudic logic and learning.  


  • History of Mishnah and Talmud, biographies of sages
  • Charts, maps, interactive time line, interactive Talmud guide
  • Customized tests, automatic grading, review & correction, progress-tracking
  • Hebrew Gemara text, English Gemara text, Linear text w/ notes
  • Intuitive interface, on-line help
  • Original sound track 

# TTM, Talmud Master, $26.10 (Cat. $29.00) 

Talmud Tutor Plus 

Your gateway to 5000 years of Jewish law, lore, and tradition! With vivid maps, accurate sound recordings, helpful tools, and crisply written, concise text, you will understand the world of the Talmud as never before.   


  • Historical timeline tracing the development of the Talmud  
  • Maimonides' Introduction to the Mishneh Torah  
  • Sample Lessons  
  • Maps of centers of Talmud development in Babylon & Israel  
  • Glossary of over 350 Talmud words and expressions  
  • Talmudic weights and measures calculator  
  • Talmudic abbreviations  
  • Biographies of leading sages of the Mishna and Talmud  
  • Quizzes  
  • BONUS: Includes 2 complete chapters of Talmud - HaMafkid and Me'eymatai - with English translation & Rashi's commentary in Hebrew.  
Requirements: Windows 3.1 or higher, 8 MB RAM, CD-ROM drive, sound card and speakers.  

# DIW555, Talmud Tutor Plus, $26.95 (Cat. $29.95) 

Torah Shekalim 

With hundreds of stimulating questions and thousands of possibilities, users young and old are millions of Shekel as you test your wits and Torah knowledge against the computer... Everyone is a winner... If you score you earn Shekalim...  if you miss... you still learn something new - so everyone is always a winner! The game keeps track of progress... corrects mistakes... keeps track of the ten top players. 

The game has all the fun and sound effects of a real slot machine... hundreds of hours of Torah learning fun! Bet on your: Chumash knowledge, Nakh knowledge, Jewish history, geography of Israel, and more!  

# TTS, Torah Shekalim, $35.10 (Cat. $39.00)