is pleased to announce the availability outside of Israel, for the first time, of
("The World of the Bible")
The 24-volume Encyclopaedia of the Bible, in Hebrew
Olam Ha-Tanakh is a systematic, in-depth treatment of the exegetic, historical, archaeological, linguistic, geographic, literary, botanical and zoological aspects of the Bible. To these are added descriptions of the trade and crafts, commercial activities and historical military exploits.

This exhaustive approach has been made possible by the cooperation of more than one hundred of the foremost Bible scholars in Israel and abroad.

The printed text is lavishly illustrated with thousands of full-color photographs and graphics acquired from museums and archives world-wide, as well as with hundreds of geographical and historical diagrams and maps.

Thousands of sets have been sold in Israel since the recent publication. It has been approved by the Ministry of Education.

Partial List of Contributors
Prof. Y. Amit, Tel-Aviv University
Prof. A. Berlin, University of Maryland
Prof. H. Cohen, Ben-Gurion University
Prof. M. Fox, University of Wisconsin
Prof. I. Finkelstein, Tel-Aviv University
Dr. G. Galil, University of Haifa
Prof. M. Gruber, Ben-Gurion University
Prof. M. Helzer, University of Haifa
Prof. Y. Hoffman, Tel-Aviv University
Prof. A. Horowitz, Hebrew University
Prof. Y. Klein, Bar-Ilan University
Prof. O. Keel, Feirburg University
Prof. S.N. Kramer, University of Pennsylvania
Prof. A.B. Levin, NYU
Prof. B. Mazar, Hebrew University
Prof. Y. Milgorm, University of California-Berkeley
Prof. B. Oded, University of Haifa 
Prof. H. Rabin, Hebrew University
Prof. N. Sarna, Brandeis University
Prof. A. Simon, Bar-Ilan University
Prof. Y. Shiffman, NYU
Prof. E. Stern, Hebrew University
Prof. S. Talmon, Hebrew University
Prof. J. Tigay, University of Pennsylvania
Prof. M. Weinfeld, Hebrew University
Prof. Z. Weissman, University of Haifa
Prof. Y. Zakovitz, Hebrew University

Olam Ha-Tanakh will be an important acquisition for every day school classroom, every Jewish library, every college library, and every Rabbi's study...


#DAOH, the complete 24-volume set of OLAM HA-TANAKH, at an introductory price of $599.00 (Cat. $720.00.) Institutional purchase orders accepted.

Interested individuals are invited to inquire about the monthly subscription plan. (800-303-3365)