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Jewish Perspectives on God

A set of 7 DVDs plus 1 Supplementary CD-ROM

Despite the common assumption that God is at the center of Jewish practice and belief, the topic is seldom discussed formally in Jewish circles. God seems to be either taken for granted or dismissed. According to a 2003 Harris survey, only 48% of American Jews believe in God, whereas 19% of American Jews believe there is no God and 33% of American Jews aren't sure whether God exists. And yet, all of those responding identified as Jews. What then is Godís role in Judaism? Does God exist? What is Godís nature? What does it mean to be created in Godís image? What role does God play in the world and in the lives of individuals? What does it mean to be commanded? Why do we pray?

This 23-part video series attempts to address these and many other questions relating to Jewish theology, belief, and practice. Through interviews with a wide range of scholars, philosophers, theologians and Jews of all ages and persuasions, WHO KNOWS ONE seeks to discover how Jews see God - or donít.

The video series and CD-ROM of multiple accompanying reference materials and resources can be used in segments or in their totality to stimulate personal thought, as a starting point for group discussion, or as a course curriculum in full.

For full details about this series click here to visit the WHO KNOWS ONE website.

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